Stefano Fusani, Italian artist-designer and Clara Hernández, Spanish cultural and art historian, are the founders of La Cube, an experimental design studio focused on material and theoretical research that addresses the origin of production processes in relation with the human habits of the 21st century.
The aim of the studio is to develop different kind of projects situated in the floating and ambiguous space between art and design, analyzing the material culture and making experimental projects with objects, installations and texts aimed to research the relation between those disciplines in current contexts and the cultural constructions with them associated.

They are founders of the independent curatorial group Molto Molto Projects.






Represented by:

Camp Design Gallery - Milan




Curatorial Work:


2020 • Desert Plateu. Installation with Parasite 2.0 at ETSAM Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, with the Post-desert workshop.      Madrid

2019 • Movimento. Collective exhibition curated in collaboration with Salvatore Peluso for Camp Design Gallery.    Milan 

2019 • Corraini Edizioni presenta: The Librarian Room. Collective Exhibition at Espacio Vertice. Curated in collaboration with Parasite 2.0.    Madrid

2018 • The Biggest Living Room In The Netherlands. Collective exhibition at 'T Karregat.   (Molto Molto Project).        Eindhoven

2018 • Grado Zero. Collective exhibition in collaboration with Istituto di Cultura Italiana at Palo Alto.   (Molto Molto Project).       Barcelona

2018 • Molto Molto Fuori. Collective exhibition at Casabanchel.   (Molto Molto Project).       Madrid

Solo Exhibitions:

2018 • Trigo, Perro, Roca. Camp Design Gallery.   Milan

2017 •  Serial Ruins. Curated by Doch Collective.   Berlin

Group Exhibitions and Fairs:

2020 • 


2020 •  Miart - Corraini Edizioni presenta: The Librarian Room. Collective Exhibition at 121. Curated by La Cube and Parasite 2.0.    Milan


2020 •  Collectible Fair. With Camp Design Gallery.        Brussels

2020 •  Untitled Blue. Luminous Studio.      Madrid

2019 •  Movimento. Collective exhibition curated by Salvatore Peluso and La Cube at Camp Design Gallery.    Milan 

2019 •  Raw. Mint Gallery. Collective exhibition.      London

2019 •  Solo Show. Curated by Casa Antillòn. Casabanchel.      Madrid

2019 •  Jonald Dudd. Collective exhibition.    New York City

2019 •  Baldea. Collective exhibition.    Madrid

2019 •  Functional Art. Collective exhibition at 6mas1 Gallery.    Madrid

2019 •  Corraini Edizioni presenta: The Librarian Room. Collective Exhibition at Espacio Vertice. Curated By Studio Lacube and Parasite 2.0.    Madrid

2018 •  The Biggest Living Room In The Netherlands. Collective exhibition at 'T Karregat, Curated by Molto Molto Projects.    Eindhoven

2018  SWAB Fair. With Espositivo Gallery.   Barcelona

2018 •  Lake Como Design Fair. With Camp Design Gallery.   Como

2018 •  Archipiélago., Former Embassy of the United Kingdom.    Madrid

2018 •  Grado Zero. Collective exhibition at Palo Alto Barcelona, Curated by Molto Molto Projects.   Barcelona

2018 •  Molto Molto Fuori, Collective exhibition.   Madrid

2018 •  Collectible Fair, with Camp Design Gallery.   Brussels

2018 •  JustMad Art Fair. With The Shot Gallery.  Madrid

2018 •  Soynard, una piedra y todo por la ventana. Collective exhibition with Colectivo La Cosa. Madrid Design Festival.   Madrid

2018 •  Collective exhibition at KikeKeller Space. Madrid Design Festival. February 2018.   Madrid

2017 •  Operae Fair. With Camp Design Gallery.  Turin

2017 •  Serial Ruins. Contemporary Ruins as Common Objects. Part II. Open Studio.   Berlin

2017 •  Good Friends. Collective exhibition at Kunstpunkt Gallery.   Berlin

2017 •  Transition as Space. Duo Show at Umbau, Institut für Alles Mögliche.   Berlin 

2017 •  Design Hurlant. Collective exhibition at Camp Design Gallery.   Milan


2017 •  From Stimulation to Simulation. Contemporary Ruins as Common Objects. Part I. Open Studio.    Berlin

2017 •  Producto Fresco. Nave DIMAD Matadero.   Madrid

2017 •  Capitalism Is Over. Collective exhibition at Cascina Cuccagna curated by Raumplan.   Milan

2017 •  Milan Design Week. Fuori Salone. Garage Sanremo, 5VIE District.   Milan

2016 •  Constructivo. Collective exhibition at The Makers Madrid.   Madrid

2016 •  "Savage de la Romba". Duo Show at Almacenes Hóptimo y Alquián.   Madrid

2016 •  Milan Design Week. Fuori Salone. Promote DIN Design.   Milan

2016 •  Milan Design Week. Fuori Salone. Sbodio 32.   Milan

2016 •  JustMad Art Fair. With Espositivo Gallery. Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid.   Madrid


2015 •  Lisboa Design Show. FIL Lisboa.   Lisbon

2015 •  Producto Fresco. Nave DIMAD Matadero Madrid.   Madrid

2015 •  London Design Festival. Design Junction Show. Central Saint Martins.   London

2015 •  Young designers. Collective exhibition at KikeKeller Space.   Madrid



 Jury at IE University for the Final Year Projects of Intro to Design Studio II, Bachelor of Design, School of Architecture and Design.

 Conference at ESDM. Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid. 2019.

 Conference at Istituto di Cultura Italiana organized in collaboration with Ambasciata italiana in Spagna, part of Progetto Vivace. 2017. Madrid

 Conference at Dmad, Escuela de Diseño de Madrid, 2017.


Artist Residency:

2017 •  Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, September - December.



2015 • VMODERN Furniture Design Competition. 2nd position. New York City, December 2015.